Badly thought out way to get the bad thoughts out.

Friday, 29 February 2008


Kazi und Madlib- Average

Mr Vegas- Heads High

I thought this tune was about filling people up with bulletholes at first. I found out it was about women not having to give blowjobs, but somehow I didn't end up feeling opposed to and sickened by it.

Ghost with the most

The Skins Like Life of Corpsey

Today, I wokes up in bed and stared at the ceiling for what seemed like the duration of a Does It Offend You, Yeah? song and thought about last night.

Cor bare limey, I thoughts to myself, I can't believe how massive that party was last night! Technicolour neon flashes flickered through my eyes like coke crystal confetti as I stared up at my vibrating Nokia N9/11. I could barely avoid the flickering spectre of Krystal's paint and Nutella adorned TITS as I picked it up to see who was either a) inviting me to a well safe party or b) telling me my half-brother (who shares the same transexual islamist half-mother as me) has contracted AIDS from a gang rape at the party last night.

Because it isn't all fun, you know. Oh sure, there was that moment when I jumped off the roof of James' mansion directly into a fifty foot high bucket of afterbirth while 2000 of my m8s (including Lady Sovereign and one of the drum-sticks from Hadouken!) cheered me on ecstatically. And, FUCK, there was that bits when I was snorting bare sniffta up me nasals in the fourth floor kitchen, only to be interrupted by Jamies' ex-page three model mum who at first seemed to be about to reprimand me in a realistic fashion by picking up the wrap with a scowl, but then predictably poured the contents all over her thighs and told me to 'start with the coke and... finish with the crack!' in her polish accent. SURE, SURE- there was that bit when my good M8s the Klaxons turned up in a helicopter and performed a cover version of Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex while we all went totally mentmartian with our glowlogs in the air.

But there was also the savage beating of the token homosexual, let's not forget about that please people. And what about Greg finding out that the girl he was getting off with was not in fact off her tits on Ku Klux Ketamine, but was in fact had in fact cerebral palsy (even though it was still somewhat amusing because they used her dribble to loosen up her lips and she went ''Hnarder!'' which happens to be the surname of this German exchange student who goes to our school, who thought a girl was calling for him and ran away because he's a big fruitcake)? That weren't no laughing matter.

So it turned out it was an invite to another banging party, this time one that is being held up Lily Allen's skirt. I couldn't contain my teenage vitality and so jumped out of bed...



Monday, 4 February 2008

Some Videos/Tunes

The best bit in this video is when Roy Davis Jr pours Cristal all over that bird's top and he can see that she has 'HELLO ROY' tattooed on the left one. BURNED!

Shiiit I was dancing like that with a bloke the other night. I say a bloke, I mean a hand. I say a hand I mean my hand.

TURN THE VOLUME OFF NOW. Now- if I got offered back to Snoop AND Nicole Sherzishitzi's crib after the CURTIS launch party who would I get into a car and try and fingerbang first?

Seriously, on the reelz tho- Snoop is fit!

10 Things I'd Like To Do With Angelina Jolie That Don't Involve My Penis

  1. Tear her lips off with my fingers, squeeze them around my waist and hurl myself down a water slide screaming ''Bombs awaaaaay!''
  2. Go and see the Planet Earth film at the I-Max, and force her to eat a jumbo hot dog while I get my penis out and rub it delightedly

Ohhh TITS. :-(


  1. LIFE IN COLD BLOOD starts tonight. It will probably feature things I never imagined possibile, like a snake eating an elephant and a crocodile pulling a model at an art opening.
  3. THE WIRE SEASON 5: Omar to contract cancer in Episode 8, to cure cancer Episode 9.
  4. FUTUREPROOF IN NOTTINGHAM LAST FRIDAY was great, and reassured me once again that world peace will only be achieved when Roy Davis Jr.'s 'Gabrielle' is pumped out over the plains and valleys of this simmering Globe and those that don't start rubbing their willy through a hole in their pocket at that point get beaten to death with a big sagging willy
I think I've got the flu