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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lissen Again Again

This is Marcus Nasty, who used to run up on stage with two shanks and stuff like that, but now DJs Funky House and so probably now uses shanks mainly to skewer open the corks of wine bottles and to surreptitiously lift the skirts of the sexy ladies that he finds himself surrounded by in a dance.

Funky is the latest thing that I like because Kode 9 likes it. You might remember my post about Rustie and Hud Mo. Know why I suddenly decided to like them? You guessed it. Basically, the way that taste forms in my head is as follows: Kode 9 walks into a record shop in East Timor, Kode 9 picks up obscure 7" by psychedelic gambian jazz outfit Q"1+<<, Kode 9 plays Q"1+<< on Rinse FM, Corpsey buys Q"1+<< t-shirt and back catalogue, blogs about them as if he's breaking the news to the world and gets Q"1+<< tattooed above his arse crack in order to attract discerning birdles.

Kode recently appeared on DJ Rupture's WMFU Mudd Up show, and played a set of funky. It's worth listening to the interview afterwards as well, in which he reveals that Burial is Marcus Nasty and talks about the Ballardian tropes operating in a typical Hed Kandi night. On a serious note, he speaks the truth about everything as per bloody usual.

T/L is as follows

1.Rhythm & Sound ft. Jennifer Lara - Queen in my Empire
2.Kudu - Space
3.Geeneus - Yellowtail
4.Apple - Segalizer
5.Mentor Roska - Feeline VIP
6.Frankee Solar - Unknown
7.Mentor Roska - Pyramids
8.Fuzzy Logic - Twiss

Heavy stuff, but this Marcus Nasty set off 1xtra is even better. Grab it quickly before the sun disappears and we're all compelled by Seasonal Affective Disorder to listen to miserable half-step again (not to knock miserable half-step, some of which is still disgustipating).

Skepta / Wiley / Donao – Rolex Sweep (Special)
Seasons – Little Silver
Frontline – Eye Blue / Princess
Sirens – Hard House Banton
Reign – Hard House Banton
Bongo Jam – Crazy Cousins
The Way We Get Down – Vibe
Jungle Boy – Intramental
Tell Me – DJ NG (Genius Remix)
Marcus Special – Lightning Exclusive
Would You Mind – Kyla Ft Crazy Cousins
Quick Time – DJ Naughty (VIP Mix)
Piece Of Heaven – Beat Players Ft Lara McClarren
Stomper – Seany B
Gimme That 08 Remix – Mario Productions
Mr Seduction – Seany B
Brazillia – Baby Face J
Post Room Remix – Little Silver (Marcus Nasty Special)
Sheaneka – JP2
General remix – Malice
Liberty – Scotty D
Live Wire – Norris Da Boss
Bad Habits – Marc Ambience
The Music – Hard House Banton
In The Air – Perempae
Yellow Yail – Genius
Mario – Mario Productions
Terminator – JME
Funky Flex – Little Silver
Take Over – VIP Mix (Invasion Recordings)
Devil In A Blue Dress – Doneo
African Warrior – Doneo
Believe In Love – Rosca
Climate Change – Rosca
Speechless – Mystery
Flawless – Malice
Blanka – JME
Bad Habit – Malice
Make You Move – Seany B
Topper 5 Remix – Swif Joy
Im Right Here – MA1 Naughty Remix
Visions – Malice
Mind Body And Soul – TNT
Rock 2 The Beats – Kurupt Rec
Girl Like Me – Naughty Ft Addictive
Rising Sun – Invasion Rec
Level – Fuzzy Logic
Mr Bean Remix – Sypro
Take It The Top – Misa Mix ft Nia
Take It Low – Lev
High – Doneo
Things Have Changed – Mattalic

On the slightly less exciting but much better produced side of things, I've been listening to some deep house too. If you go to this thread on DSF you can leave feedback about this deep house mix by Seattle based Struggle. It's definitely better than a kick in the anus, though not quite as good as something else, such as a mayonnaise slathered index finger, in the anus.

patrice scott-deep again-sistrum
patrice scott-raw fusion-sistrum
cassy-for you-uzuri
san soda-unknown-wph
patrice scott-atmospheric emotions-sistrum
slowhouse 1-unknown-slowhouse recordings
baaz-no matter-elevate
slowhouse 3-unknown-slowhouse recordings
nick sole-children-mojuba
keith worthy-beatthebeatup-aesthetic audio
man made science-get your head up-philpot
keith worthy-deep for days-sistrum

Finally, I've been listening to some of Benjie B's 1xtra shows in the last week. His latest show has a dubstep 2562y sort of tune on it by Marcus Intalex which is one of the best things a DNB producer has done in the style that I've heard. It's probably something to do with the fact that he hasn't just fed the sound of a baby screaming for its mother's tit through an LFO and added a snare underneath it. Well done, that man.

Records I should have bought this week but for being completely skint include: Rude Kid's EP, the Kode 9 RMX of Reminscin' with the original on the flip, and Joker's Hollybrook Park, which I see is now sold out. Oh well, that Dizzee and Calvin Harris tune is still available.

Happy days.

The Dark Knight: Reviewed

Everyone on the Internet's been talking about 'Batman: The Dark Knight', the new block-busting, barn-storming, ball-decaying franchiscular sequel from Director Christopher whatshisface, starring Patrick Bateman and a corpse in clown make up. Despite the fact it hasn't got either Jim Carrey's rubbery face or Michelle Pfeiffer's rubbery arse in it, every man and his dog-faced girlfriend have been packing into cinemas across the country to gawp at it through handfuls of hot dog since its release last Friday.

What is this? This that so grandly beckons? Is it a cultural search for the darkness within us all, a yearning for apocalyptic violence to erupt in front of our imaginations' minds eyes', giving securely leashed yet cathartic succour to that greedy insectile-eyed part within us all, that which has expected and, indeed, demanded fanatic, fantastic violence to tear our groins limb from limb in this post 9/11 terror system?

Or, are we seeing a cyclic repeat, this time on a global scale, and on an aesthetically redefined and refined level, of the tearsnami that followed our Lady Diana's death by paving squad in 1997? After all, wasn't it an unexpressed thought of all of us who stood along that funereal parade route that black September midday, that Diana might be be painted to look like Ronald McDonald would look the day after they sold the billionth Big Mac, then to be buried in a batcave outside Buckingham Palace, oozing into the ether under a gigantic hill of guava-plop and cockroaches?

Or was that just me, holding that thought for all humanity, much as Jesus did when he was first taking a couple of nails for the team? In any case, maybe we just want to confront and master death by demonstrating to ourselves again that, through the infinite power of CGI, we human beings can now resurrect and sustain a stiffy in much the same way that God once would have had to have done. For irrefutable proof of this lust for death-twatting, look no further than the popularity of 'Titanic', 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy', 'The Dark Knight' and of the hit new Pixar flick 'Wall-E', which stars River Pheonix and Tupac Shakur.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the slight disappointment of seeing 'The Dark Knight' yet. But, handily enough, I am of the opinion that, since we draw for our creative avatars from a huge collective consciousness that somehow resembles a chamber pot, then, by such as this logic, if I watch anything with the right critical parameters in mind, I will be able to assess ''The Dark Knight'' and it's place in the cultural mileu as if I had seen the very film itself that I am analysing. This is a new style of criticism I am hereby pioneering called ''Jungian Sloth Conjecture''.

In order for me to give ''The Dark Knight'' a fair ride, I have selected a film that I am well disposed towards, and that I know intimately enough to not be tricked by my sluggish memory into misrepresenting. The film I watched was entitled ''Driivng instructor fucksa big boobed pupil'', and can be found at any good pornography distributor online. So, what did I think of ''The Dark Night'' (Dir. Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Tupac Shakur)?

First thing's first, I have to say that the Batmobile is looking a little ropey in this latest installment. In other films in the series, the Batmobile has always seemed sleek and hyper-technologically fattened. It has resembled the cobalt stealth-fist of a military arm that is muscular with finance. In 'The Dark Knight' the Batmobile is painted mustard yellow, has beaded front-seats and an exhaust that can clearly be heard spluttering in the opening moments of the first act, as it pulls up in front of the Joker's lair, driven by the steely-eyed Bale as Bruce Wayne a.k.a vigilante hero Batman. Batman himself looks somewhat bereft in his new-look costume - in fact, he could scarcely be said to resemble the classic Batman at all, in his stonewashed jeans, cowboy boots and ''Long Beach Gymnasium'' vest. Perhaps ''The Dark Knight'', in rendering both herose and carriage so sparsely, is reminding us of the global economic meltdown that is striking beef prices dead outside as we shelter in our cine-cave, much as our hero takes refuge in his owl-cave?

I had been told of Bale's intensity before seeing 'The Dark Knight'. I had heard the stories - of how he has a red LED installed onto his eyebrow that alerts people when it is too hot to stroke his forehead, of how he has told journalists that he so ravenously inhabited the part of Batman during shooting ''The Dark Knight'' that he would often dress up his Guatemalan maids as low-life criminals and beat them around the face and stomach with his fists. And yet I was still taken aback by the transformation he has gone through - he must weight something close to three hundred and fifty pounds now, and has had his nipple pierced, a symbolic act that suggests the obsessive, steel-cold, circling of a mind in thrall of a physical eruption. The tribal tattoo that adorns his shoulder also invites the audience to ask - just what tribe has Bruce Wayne been training himself to new levels of endurance and combat readiness with, and in which exotic and cinomogenic locale?

In an echo of the disorientating effects of his previous film ''Memento'' (starring Joe Scully), Nolan is content to leave such details to the viewer's imagination. Gotham City, previously portrayed in grand, richly evocative terms, has also been scaled down – we only catch glimpses of it through the Batmobile's windows. This evasive approach is also taken by Nolan towards the narrative itself. Friends of mine who had already seen ''The Dark Knight'' told me that it had a narrative arc that was somewhat difficult to follow, forcing the audience to make logical leaps almost as great as those that Batman makes from skyscraper to skyscraper. They weren't kidding. How Batman managed to get his penis in the Joker's mouth within two minutes of beginning their driving lesson beggars belief.

It is a tribute to Nolan's visionary power, his ability to impart gripping momentum to complex and obscure narratives that I was rapidly and easily able to accept that there should be a cul-de-sac only twenty yards or so away from the Joker's lair that could play host to a viscerally violent and extremely loud fist fight, and that this climactic showdown could - unconventionally - start within moments of the film beginning, and continue for the duration of the film uninterrupted. Of course, anyone who has read about Ledger in the press recently, and knows the perverse anti-corpse mania operating in youth-obsessed Hollywood will already know that the outcome must come off in jammy ALIVE bastard Bale's favour, and thus will suspect that Batman's fist must ultimately conquer the Joker's anus and vagina, but this is still gripping stuff.

It is only after Batman has flipped the Joker over with a power-lock in order to symbolically sodomise him over the hand-brake that Bale's famed intensity really comes to the fore. Much has been made of Bale's decision to give Batman a gravelly voice, with some suggesting that the almost comically gutteral gesticulations Bale has his throat perform detract somewhat from the dignity of the film. I am compelled to disagree. If anything, lines such ''Take this fucking meat inside your clam'' are given an almost Biblical flavour by Bale's rasping tonsils.

Meanwhile, Ledger, as the ^Joker^, is a complete revelation. Having seen the young actor's performance slavishly bombarded with plaudits by both esteemed critics and less-esteemed friends of mine alike, I was, I admit, somewhat unwilling to believe that Ledger's performance could live up to the hype surrounding it. I was wrong. Watching Ledger convulse and scream in the back seat of the Batmobile, grasping maniacally at the door handles as if reaching for the very limits of human reason, thrusting his face into the upholstered leather with unearthly wails of consternation and lust, I could only shudder in my seat at his extraordinary portrayal of insanity. Ledger, like Bale, looks completely transformed in his role, with long, sweat matted hair, curvaceous hips and a tattoo of an arrow-pierced heart above his buttocks. But the promising young actor is still visible through the eye-shadow, hoop earrings and writhing tongue-ring – and it is clear to this critic that he is tragically committed to inhabiting a deviant consciousness so masochistic in its nihilism as to demand again and again for Bale to insert a fist up its anus.

Nolan directs his action in a masterly and courageous manner, choosing to capture the fight on one hand-held camera, a decision that gives conscious homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rope', and which serves to transmit to its audience a sense of the monomaniacal obsessional perspective that occupies the mind of both Batman and his adversary. Special effects are used sparingly, as if in conscious rejection of the CGI mania that has infected Hollywood in the last decade. Mostly they are used to give realistic touches, such as when CGI saliva and animotronic snot peppers the camera lens. The one exception occurs during what studio execs would call 'the money shot' of the film, in which Batman vanquishes his foe finally by drowning him in some of the most convincingly realised CGI milk I've seen since Pixar's 'Ratatouille'.

This is a dark, expansive work which questions the limitations of justice, the justifiable use of force as an instructional tool, and the role that mobile technology plays in shaping our transitory and unstable psyches in a 21st century that must constantly have the handbrake on. As Hamlet says, in the play of the same name, ''What a piece of work a bat is.'' Come to that, Nolan challenges us to consider, what a piece of work a man is too!

Here,the villainous Joker stares into the glass-like edges of morality, while ingesting a set of car keys rectally.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Just one more hour then we're definitely leaving

This here's Bizmarc about to play Dutch Flowers at a mansion/squat party in Nottingham ages ago - why it it that at a squat party you'll always see a guy with a spot up his nose who lives in a speaker and eats potatoes that he squeezes out of tree trunks with his bare hands, and a pissed up maniac in a thrash metal t-shirt going apeshit to A Higher State of Consciousness because he's been hearing those high pitched noises in his head for the last five years ever since he went to the front for Dominocidal and got crushed up against the speaker for fifty minutes, and so really relates to that one tune, and yet you never see them anywhere else? I have no idea but I'm glad. Stillhol, I've been a bearded ketamine casualty at at least one afterparty and the looks people gave me were of both disgust and relief - disgust at the state of me, relief at the state of them. In one sense that night I was like the Jesus Christ of consumption for them: taking it on the chin for all moderate humanity. Also there was the beard and the questionable personal hygeine. So three senses really. And anyway, being over-fucked at an afterparty makes you officially indispensible to it's vibe. If you're lying on the floor with your eyes rolling back in your head and vomit smeared across your chin, you are basically as important as the sound system.

''RAGE AGAINST THE dying of the night...''

Anyway, Bizmarc has done a MIX* for the night he co-runs in Nottingham, Futureproof. Futureproof is alot. My fondest memory of it is either Brackles and Mart playing We Can Get Down right at the end of the last one, or of me being violently sick into a plastic bag at the bottom of a stairwell. In all seriousness though the night is one of the best in the UK in my unbiased and impartial opinion, and this mix is heavy too.

1. Pinch – E.Motiv (Planet Mu)
2. 2562 – Walkover (Tectonic)
3. Pole – Achterbahn [Shackleton Remix] (~Scape)
4. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Punch Drunk)
5. Pinch – Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz)
6. Geiom & Appleblim – Shreds (cdr)
7. Shut Up and Dance – Epileptic [Martyn’s No Strobe Mix] (SUAD)
8. 2562 – Movern (Tectonic)
9. Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
10. Monolake – Static (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
11. T++ - Allied (White)
12. Ramadanman – Blimey (Hessle Audio)
13. 2562 – Enforcers (Tectonic)
14. Digital Mystikz – Neverland (DMZ)
15. Convextion – Solum Ferrum (Down Low Music)
16. Zomby – Strange Fruit (Ramp)
17. Zomby – Spliff Dub [Rustie Remix] (Hyperdub)
18. Rustie – Response (Stuffrecords)
19. Darkstar – Thugged Out 9 (cdr)

That 'Strange Fruit' tune... I used to think I wouldn't let Zomby sleep with my mum but after hearing that I'd perfume her cooch up with Calvin Klein obsession slathered over the tip of my tongue for him. Actually no - but it's sick.

* mix originally posted HERE.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Can't Stop Talking Like D Double E To My Mummmmmm

Nobody really cares about Dizzee Rascal anymore, do they? Ever since he became a T4 presenter he lost some of his credibility. Now that Skepta's presenting Later with Jools Holland and Wiley's a pundit on Match of the Day Diz is looking like the small fry Red Hot Entertainment have on their chi... ps.

Still- I've decided to upload Dizzee over Slimzee as it's NUTS. If nothing else, it shows that some people can make better tunes on a Playstation than other people can make with Logic 7.423recurring and monitors worth several grand. I hope Slimzee gets booked at FWD again soon.

By the way Dizzee's still got it -

That beat is fiyah(man). Lil Wayne is good, on that subject this tune is making me happy like Richboy used to

Friday, 11 July 2008


Remember THIS post I made about a couple of tunes forthcoming on Geiom's label? Of course you do. You probably even remember where you were when you read it, just like Americans of all ages remember where they were when they helped shoot JFK from three hundred angles.

Anyhoo, HERE'S a great mix from the man himself, from Get Darker (big up Ashley). It reminds me of the mix Kamal did at the Soul Jazz Steppa's Delight night a month or so ago. I was messed up on pills* ranting to anyone who would listen (i.e. nobody) about Youngsta on Rinse in 2005 (incidentally, you should also download Kode + D1 off Rinse in 2005 too), and how nothing will ever be as good as Loefah in those days blah blah blah

And then he dropped Ruffage and proved me right. I mean people are still making good tunes but anything with this much bloody-minded conviction and no-frills power?

Anyway, here's the tracklist -

1. graveyard - a night with two moons - louis and bebe barron
2. reminissin' - geiom feat: marita - shackleton refix
3. salsa house - richie rich
4. the mood vibe - william rosario
5. what would we Do (remix) -DSK
6. frozen time - synchrojack
7. out there - friends of matthew
8. space + time - da real deal
9. losing marbles - trg + dub u
10. protecting hands - clouds - geiomix
11. ruffage - loefah
12. the branch is weak - shackleton - geiomix
13. feist - bionics
14. jah way - rsd
15. glazed - brackles
16. the funk - dj rekless
17. slavin' away - bass clef
18. robby arranges flowers, zaps monkey - louis and bebe barron

* earlier on that night I was violently puking up black stomach lining in the bogs at Dirty Canvas, just as One Man was playing -

That was the moment I had a profound epiphany - I am not a garage sort of person. I love it, but it doesn't love me. You're supposed to wear nice shirts, drink champagne and grind up against girls in tiny dresses to garage- you aren't supposed to vomit, cry and subsequently masturbate yourself into a physically and spiritually numb stupour as stomach acid runs in rivulets down your scarred throat and some bloke in pink-rimmed sunglasses bangs on the door angrily in-between sniffing. That's what hard house is for.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Chris Nieratko

... professional prick/journalist.

Was that ''/'' necessary?

Anyway, his interviews are funny, especially if you're interested in skateboarding and obscene conversations about penis piercings and eating human shit and all that kind of stuff, the former of which I used to be interested in and the latter of which I still am interested in.

Also, as is sometimes the case with articles in Vice magazine (which he writes porn reviews for which don't really talk about the porn), profundity and insight are sometimes reached by Nieratko through puerility and irony. Check this interview with Meth, for example.

And on the vague subject of skateboarding...

Keenan Milton in 20 Shot Sequence. Blaow.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Silkie and Conquest

DMZ on Saturday was great, extensive(ly pretentious) review to follow. For now though, the highlight of the night for me and anyone else as drunk and lean and enthusiastic as me was Silkie and Quest's. Anti-Social, like a six year old given an egg painted to look like a Brussell Sprout, always smash it.

If you haven't seen them play out before (Heny G is a what-his-nick-sur-name-is on deckle as well), you are a loser, I'm afraid. Please find enclosed your Scouting For Girls CD.

Or download THIS, Silkie and Quest on Rinse. Not only for the tunes but also the chat- anyone who passes up chips for hosting a show on Rinse is more dedicated than one of those monks who shoot themselves in the ankles with pump action shotguns while doing the Guardian crossword just to show that they aren't bothered.


Friday, 4 July 2008


Look up some perversions on Wikipedia, it's an eye opener. Thank your lucky stars it isn't an anus opener.

''Fisting has been performed on (and by) both men and women; gay, straight and otherwise. In addition, a Stanford study has shown that 96% of people who have been fisted move on to fist at least one other person, while 41% were found to have fisted 3 or more. While fisting remains unexplored by many people, the ones who do have developed three main techniques: Silent Duck, Double Fist/Side Prayer, and the My Hand In Your Pockets.''


There you go, then. Fisting: a gateway activity in every sense of the word.

The Root of Perversions


In males: Patient was delivered by a professional boxer instead of a midwife.

In females: Patient was used by impoverished parents to store jacket potatoes during winter.


In males: Patient was born naked to a room full of sexually attractive women.

In females: A budgeting crisis at the Patient's school meant that they were forced to sit in a high chair until the age of 24.

SADOMASOCHISM (Spanking, Bondage Etc.)

In males: Patient was sexually assaulted on the set of an advertisment for Asda.

In females: Patient was trapped in the web of a giant spider while in full menstrual flow.


In males: The patient first grasped notion of someone being inside something else when catching sight of off duty workers in the car park at Disney Land.

In females: Patient mistakenly rode upside-down the first time they were taken pony trekking.


In males: Patient's diabetes prohibited them from submerging their face in Nutella.

In females: Patient was born face down with their tongue sticking out.


In males: Patient lost virginity above the Queen Mother.

In females: Patient wet themselves on a summer's day while eating a freezer fresh Calippo.


In males: Patient's imaginary girlfriend exposed and caressed her clitoris to him while leaning against a door.

In females: Patient accidentally was forced by parents to attend social functions on the arm of an egg whisk.


In males: When the patient was still in infancy they seduced and had sex with an ovum.

In females: While still in late infancy the patient was given the best orgasm of their lives by a three year old.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Move D House Mixes

I don't know nuffing about House, but I knows what I likes. ^ That's David Moufang a.k.a. Move D (by the way, out to Myspace for that fucking stupid Natty Whateveritis advert... I'm making a point of never finding out who he is). As far as I can be bothered to tell he's a producer, one half of Deep Space Network, who I probably should have heard of, not to mention heard. Anyhoo, he's also a DJ and I'm quite feeling his mixes (shout to Ben for the link).

If anyone knows what sorts of tunes he's playing give me some IDs so I can start spending money I don't have on records I don't have. Soulful laid back house for 40 year olds, basically.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New J Rolla Mix

The last J Rolla mix I posted on here was the best mix I'd downloaded all year, and this new one looks like it might compete with that...

>>>J ROLLA Ruptured Dubstep Mix Vol.1 <<<

"A fresh deep and dubby mix recorded by Ruptured Dubstep resident J Rolla.
You can also grab a copy at the forth-coming Rupture night @ Corsica studios on July 12th.

Mostly new stuff with a couple of older ones chucked in, variety of styles. Check it out..."


01: geiom - reminissin' - (shackleton refix)
02: trg - less music
03: anstam - aeto (b)
04: headhunter & ekelon - timewarp
05: helixir - springz & wirez
06: izc - sand
07: quest & eskmo - speakers corner (eskmo & antiserum remix)
08: 2562 - enforcers
09: ramadanman - drowning (version)
10: trg - broken heart (martyn's dcm remix)
11: sines - test two
12: digital mystikz - neverland
13: dabrye - air (kode 9 remix inst.)
14: jack sparrow - predator
15: peverelist - junktion
16: search & destroy - candyfloss (loefah remix)
17: kode 9 - konfusion (dub)
18: appleblim & peverelist - circling
19: trg & dub u - losing marbles (2562 remix)

D-Bridge + Instra:Mental On 1xtra

Further to my slight bum-licking of D-Bridge and Instra:mental yesterday, I'd like to indulge in some more. It's only just occuring to me how fucking great Blush Response is, which makes me officially about two thousand months late but...

My main gripe with DNB at the moment is that it's too fast and rhythmically conservative, so it's nice to have a couple of producers pop up on my hard-drive/record-deck to show that there's still room for rhythmic variation as well as some good old fasioned vibes.


D Bridge & Instra:mental - Blush response (Exit)
Commix – Rack it (Dub)
System - Near Miss
Calibre – New Cons
Spectra soul - Adoration VIP
Calibre – TV On (Signature)
D Bridge – Creatures of Habit
ST Files – Council House
Loxy & Ink – Amazon
D Bridge – Morning Dawn
Survival – Orion

Instra:Mental Mix
Rogue - Instra:Mental - Darkestral
Comanche - Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Horse- Instra:Mental and Nico - Exit
Dead Zone - Instra:Mental- (Outboard Dub)
Intervention - Instra:Mental – Exit
Pacific Heights - Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Sakura - Instra:Mental - Darkestral
Commix - Japanese Electronics - Instramental Moog Mix - Metalheadz
Futurist - Instra:Mental – Naked Lunch

Instra:Mental - Naked Zoo (Soul:R)
Break & Survival – Dawn
Chris Inperspective – Heathers Hot Waffles –
D Bridge – On My Mind (Exit)
Commix – Untitled
Calibre – Sockitume
D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa
D Bridge – On Your Mind (Soul:r)
Lenzman – Memory Loss
D Bridge – Untitled (Instra:mental)
D Bridge – The Yearning

Got the link to this from THIS blog.