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Monday, 27 October 2008

Jonny L - Hurt You So

I dunno if anyone actually reads this blog but I realise that at the moment its just a dribbling half-turned-off tap of a thing that occasionally births the pattering feet of a youtube link you could/should have found yourself. So essentially I'm keeping up my standards. Hopefully soon I'm going to do some zeitgeist defining posts about how I really love shit programs like Hollyoaks and Charlie Boorman Goes Round The World in A Hamper With A Cork Up His Nostril, and the subtle and creeping ways in which I become accostomed to crap, and how this relates to the complete political and cultural apathy of our time and the essential futility of it all (but especially the part of 'it all' which constitutes Scouting For Girls)... or I might do one where I rant about how much I hate dubstep through the medium of blindly bigging up funky.

This will do for now, though. This tune is fucking great - a hybrid of acid house bleeps, hardcore breakbeats, a killer stilton vocal line, a dub bassline etc...

Actually while I'm here I'll post a few more obvious but obviously great old skool ANFUMS.

Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives (the opening chords of this are better than anything I could ever make on Reason, even if I had 6000 years to come up with something and my brain was fused with Mozart's and Photek's)

LFO - LFO - I've already gone on about LFO elsewhere a bit. Everyone needs 'Frequencies' in their life, full stop.