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Friday, 26 June 2009

Mates' Plates Vol 562

Out July 6th on Brackles and Shortstuff's new label Blunted Robots, two tunes that have been killing it on Brackles' Rinse shows along with being played by DJs like Geiom, Oneman, Bok Bok, Untold etc. Martin Kemp's woozy wonky percussively bubbling 'No Charisma' is my percy ingle on the plate (see HERE for previous semi-slobberings). Everybody with ears and decks should buy this 12. Audio on Blunted Robots Myspace HERE.

I think I've talked about Wigflex before on here, dunno if I plugged their last EP though but I should have. The new one is equally as good, full of bleeps, clicks and chirrups but not slacking on the party-starting front either - sort of combining headspace with elbow space, the kind of tunes you could have a right knees up in a club while off so mangled on ketamine that you think your knees aren't their anymore to put up... Go HERE for more info.

Also I don't think Geiom really needs a plug from me but his new funky influenced stuff is running ('Hard Downs' especially) - go to his Myspace for clips. He's also recently done a mix for Fact magazine (''providing Corpsey with lazy blog content since 2008''), which you can find HERE (article HERE).

Anyone into their UK Funky at the moment should check DSF member Hackman's funky tunes on his Myspace. Percussively solid and rattling with big Roska-esque b-lines and a lot of nice soulful/psychadelic-funk vibes riding the drums, fucking superb stuff. One to watch.

Right, well if I don't get any blow jobs or eight-balls out of that I'll be steaming.