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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Brackles - LHC (Planet Mu) / Blackdown and Dusk - Bullet Ah Go Fly RMX (Keysound)

Go HERE for audio of me-old-mucker's forthcoming release on Mu. Personally I think LHC is the best Brackles tune released so far, a perfect balance between robust low end and hyperactive synth displays. The Street-Fighter sampling b-side, made with me-other-old-mucker, is also on some Ritalin-scarcity steezity and is also rinsin'.

Also getting a release soon is this effing monster courtesy of Keysound...

At the moment I'm inclining towards giving up on buying dubstep on vinyl and switching to house and garage, so it's annoying but encouraging to see releases that insist on dragging me back in.