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Thursday, 30 April 2009

D-Bridge - Inner Disbelief/Vocal itsnotscience

Big up D-Bridge, single-handedly sustaining Corpsey's flagging interest in DNB (apparently that's what he was shooting for when he started making music). This is a bit like a sequel to 'Last Straw', which I also love. D-Bridge's voice is growing on me slowly but surely, like flowers in a cow pat, and I think vocal anthems are much needed in DNB and other styles of electronic/dance music. I was listening to a Hacienda Classics mix today and almost every track has at least some vocal business going on. Bring back the euphoric pop/soul aspect, that's what I type. Think of all the decent-but-boring dubstep/DNB tunes over the last few years that would be immeasureably improved by a decent vocal.

The beat on this tune is so bluesy and melancholy, it's one of those instrumentals which you could sing almost anything (in key) over to great effect. Strangely enough I'm not feeling 'Wonder Where' by D-Bridge (which nuff other man are jizzing their pants over) at all - I'm not sure if it's the vocal or the fairly (to my ears) insipid beat... It probably is the vocal, though - it's the vocal that puts me off Skream's LaRoux remix (again, almost uniformly jizzed over currently). Ironically, although I'd like to hear more vocals in dance music, I have to admit that a vocal can really ruin a tune for me sometimes. When it comes off, though -

Interestingly, I notice both these tunes have a similarly tough, bluesy/dub quality to them to the D-Bridge tune. I wonder if a genuinely euphoric vocal anthem is possible in dubstep? Probably has already happened and I've been listening to Gregorian chanting in a hut on a hilltop or something. I've just remembered that 2562's remix of 'Brother' by Patti Blingh is very probably my favourite tune by him. 2562 often gets (somewhat unfairly IMO) accused of making 'cold' clinical music, but that tune has a lot of warmth, and I think the vocal brings that out quite a bit. And can't forget Burial, of course - his best tunes use vocal snippets to amazing effect.

Speaking of vocals, here's a mix that el gato put me onto of 4X4 vocal garage which is absolutely the main thing keeping me from snogging a pig right now. Tracklist is as follows:

01. Antonio - Take Me - 1998/Fifty First
02. Jay Collins Super 20 - Turn Your Back On Love (Sunshine Bros. Remix) - 1998/i! Recs
03. Aly-us - Follow Me - 1992/Cooltempo
04. Chris Mack - Set It Off - 1997/Old Soul
05. Mica Paris - Stay (Booker T Vocal) - 1998/Cooltempo
06. Once Waz Nice - Messin Around (Wideboys 4x4) - 1999/Dubz For Klubz
07. US Alliance - All I Know - 1998/Locked On
08. Joey Musaphia - It Goes Boom Boom Boom - 1996/Cover Ups Vol 1
09. Matlok - Anyway - 1998/Pure Bliss
10. Sly & Ziggy - Conscious Rhythms (House Mix) - 1997/Ultra Vinyl
11. Ambassadors Of Swing - Coming Up (Grant Nelson Dirtbox Dub) - 1995/Nice N Ripe
12. Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Ramsey & Fen Remix) - 1998/Champion
13. St. Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Mix) - 1995/F-Comms
14. Sounds Of Blackness - Pressure (Booker T Pressure Lick) - 1997/AM:PM
15. Greg Stainer - My Mind -1997/V.I.P.
16. RIP Productions - Take A Chance - 1996/Ice Cream Recs
17. The Occasions feat. Tyrone Henry - Look No More (Booker T Vocal Mix) - 1997/FeetMove 18. Astro Trax - The Energy (Feel The Vibe) (Danny J Lewis' Vibe) - 1998/Satellite
19. Ann Nesby - Hold On (Mousse T Uplifting Garage Mix) - 1997/AM:PM
20. Frankie Knuckles feat. Adeva - Walkin' (Grant Nelson Divine Gospel Remix) - 1995/Virgin 21. Wideboys - What's On Your Mind (4x4 Mix) - 1999/Union Jack Recs
22. Gerideau - Masquerade (MJ Cole Mix) - 1998/Inferno
23. Ultymate feat. Jacquee Bennett - Sweet Love (Vocal Mix) - 1998/Unda-Vybe
24. Brand New Heavies - You Are The Universe (Tuff Jam 2 In 1 Remix) - 1997/FFRR