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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Todd Edwards The Aural Drinking Binge

^ Streaky Todd Mix vol. 1 ^

This is like the garage/cheesy vocal house equivalent of having just one pint at lunchtime and then having just five shots afterwards because fuck it it's almost sunny.

Man like billy blanks off dubstepforum tells me that on 2nd may man make music (who did the warehouse party on saturday at which tronman, elgato and billyblanks all mahurkled it... Lean FWD) are doing some thing at corsica with untold, darkstar, portable, cameo, cotti and more all on and he'll be ''dropping a few militantly religious todd edwards classics!'' - so reach that.

Other things

Apple, funky house apparently but not wine bar:

Skwee mix I've been feeling a lot:

And being unemployed has led me to revisit the pleasures of getting drunk to the sound of grotty sarcastic punk:

It ain't all james blunt out ere

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