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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Opinions Are Like Arseholes

I like eating food out of them.

NOW- Once again drawing attention to this mix by J Rolla, it really is T for tremendous.

''Went off on a bit of a tangent with this one, so I'm not sure how well it will go down on here.

Aswell as dubstep there's a couple of minimal dub house tunes from Shackleton, couple of garagey/breaky bits and even some IDM. Basically goes on a bit of a deep one. Guarenteed something everyone will like in there!

I'm getting tired of the high volume of generic sounding shit being churned out at the moment so I think that's what inspired this mix. Give it a go!''
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[74 mins, 68 meg]

01: benge - bambie
02: fat freddy's drop - cay's crays (digital mystikz version)
03: shackleton - blood on my hands (ricardo villalobos mix part 2)
04: pole steingarten - achterbahn (shackleton remix)
05: hawerchuk - camel toe
06: simian mobile disco - hustler (shackleton remix)
07: conquest - forever
08: peverelist - roll with the punches
09: martin buttrich - well done (headhunter remix)
10: toastyboy - skinny
11: warlock - copy of a copy
12: elemental - sparkle
13: burial - south london boroughs
14: pinch - airlock
15: martyn - twenty four
16: ital tek - shallow sun
17: deep alpha - all think (kode 9 alphadub)
18: boxcutter - brood
19: loefah - it's yours
20: vessel - sticker