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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Futureproving difficult to make a pun out of

but fuck it. I heard this tune getting dropped at a squat-after-party after Futureproof this Saturday just gone. Even through the haze of utter wonk I could tell a tune that wasn't made for a brain-damaged, sweat-festooned puny toon, and oh how I danced. Someone also dropped this:

At the night itself, this brought the lights up:

I have to admit when I was dancing to this I wasn't really from the endz, but I just pretended and I don't think anyone noticed. Lil Silva absolutely merked it - when I came in he was rolling out Now That's What I Call Funky the selection, and that was absolutely fine and jilldandy, given that this isn't anywhere near as bad a prospect as a Now That's What I Call Coldplay selection or Now That's What I Call Music T-Pain Isn't Inspired By selection. It means Gabryelle RMX, Do You Mind, Sirens and that Crazy Cousinz tune with the Xylophone which sounded fucking unbelievable on the FP system.

The system was ridiculously big (I think Silva said he'd never heard Funky on such a huge rig) and interestingly it reminded me of how much better suited dubstep is to that sort of system than garage, which needs to be a little more light in my opinion. Funky came through perfectly, though, it's amazing how simple but solid a lot of those tunes are (I mean that Roska tune 'Gone to a Better Place' is essentially the same thing over and over again, but all these little details keep the momentum up). Funky makes people MOVE too - I hate that cliche of dubstep being all people shuffling around farting buds down their trouser legs and tongueing each others nostrils but there IS something more doneo-may-care about dancing to Funky. I don't know if people in Funky say things like ''This tune makes me want to rape Bono...'' yet because it doesn't seem like aggressive music, by and large. Even the grimey tunes Lil Silva makes are still quite fun and bouncy - it's that balance of aggression and party energy that a lot of 'jump up' music doesn't seem to nail to me.

On the dubstep tip I have to big up Ben UFO for playing Almighty Father RMX and also Shattered by Coki, which I realised is a bad bad tune - Coki's drums are underrated, at least on those oldish tunes. The whole night was fucking great as usual. Hold very tight and close your eyes @ Tom, Rachel, Lewis, Geiom, Dawntreader, Brackles and Mart etc.

While I'm here I may as well plug a few mixes that have been doing it for me in recent weeks. For deep house fans HERE's a Move D mix (right click and save). You should also check out the following:

(right click and save on picture - original mix HERE). This mix is basically techno, some interesting tunes in there though.

Mount Kimbie – William – Hotflush

Soulphiction – What's Your Name - Musik Krause

Moodymann - Freeki Mutha F cker - KDJ

NSI - Hassel - Cadenza

Lowtec - I Remember - Playhouse

Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars (Speedy J Remix) - SD

Ben Klock - OK - Ostgut Ton

Modi and Fegiz - El Solitaire - Vinylclub

The Missing Link - 911 - Wagon Repair

Lazy Fat People - Low Profile - Perspectiv Records

AntonZap - Pm Please - Underground Quality

Fail Forever - When Saints Go Machine (dOP Remix) - EMI

Lowtec - Workshop 006 - Workshop

Animal Collective - My Girls - Domino Recording Company

(click on pic for sendspace link. Original link HERE). This is straight techno of a very high quality.

1. Function - Variance (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
2. Liquid Sky - The Darkness [Filtered Vision]
3. Shed - The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
4. Norman Nodge - Man Made [MDR]
5. Bandalu - Episode 07 [Foundation Sound Works]
6. The Mole - Ain't The Way It's Supposed To Be [Wagon Repair]
7. Surgeon - Prowler [Counterbalance]
8. Omar-S - Busaru Beats [Sound Signature]
9. Ben Klock - Grip [Ostgut Ton]
10. Levon Vincent - Six Figures [Novel Sound]
11. Steffan Linzatti - See [Stockholm LTD]
12. Steve Stoll - Run in It B1 [Proper]
13. Norman Nodge - Rush [MDR]
14. Ben Klock - Before One [Ostgut Ton]
15. Booka Shade - Sweet Lies (Radio Slave Remix) [Get Physical]
16. Marcel Dettmann - Untitled [Unreleased]
17. Kink - Blue Print [Rush Hour]
18. Roman Lindau - Simplicity [Fachwork]