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Friday, 15 August 2008

Gurley > Girls

So basically, it was between ^ this ^ and this...

... as an image to properly accompany a mix of Steve Gurley tunes. I still don't know which one to pick, I think in either of those scenes these tunes would go down a storm. Certainly whenever I'm spraying champers up a girl's pisser I'm ordinarily humming 'Inside You'.

For those that don't know, Steve Gurley was one half of jungle dons Foul Play (check this tune for example) and latterly made some of the best two step in the whole wide London. This is a mix by Average Joe off the Uptown Records forum (original thread here) and it will put you in party mood, even if it comes on shuffle as you're swinging from the rafters, stretching your hand out towards your mouse, trying desperately to skip your Winamp player to Jeff fucking Buckley or something.

That DNB tune sticks out like a sore thumb, but still...

Average Joe - All Steve Gurley Mix (Megaupload Link)

Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof(Steve Gurley Mix)
Valerie M - Tingles 2000(Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Phantasy Ft Sonia Redd - Music Is My Life(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert(Steve Gurley Mix)
Antonio - Hyperfunk(Steve Gurley Remix)
Victor Romeo - Inside You(Steve Gurley Mix)
Precious - It's Gonna Be My Way(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood(Steve Gurley Remix)
NCA Ft Robbie Craig - Lessons(Steve Gurley Remix)
Lenny Fontana - Spirit Of The Sun(Steve Gurley Remix)
Kartik - The Way You Freak(Steve's Rub A Dub)
Furious Ft Destry - Top Of The World(Steve Gurley Dub Mix)
Tee Francis - Tell Me Why(Steve Gurley Mix)
Remi - Talk About It(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Urban Groove Collective Ft Shelly - Glad You Came To Me(Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Phantasy, DJ Mayhem & Steve Guley Ft SG - How It Is
FX - Sounds Of FX(Steve Gurley Remix)