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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Moving Swiftly Along

Another month, another Dusk and Blackdown show on Rinse...

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse July 08 (click for Megaupload link)

St Germain "Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards remix)" (F Comm)
Todd Edwards "Saved my life" (FFRR)
Maddslinky "Desert Fogg" (Sirkus)
Gant "Sound Bwoy Burial" (Positiva)
Dub War "Murderous Style" (Tempa)

Zomby "Gaffling Breakz" (unreleased)
Rude Kid "Photo" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah "Trojan" (unreleased)
Starkey "Pressure" (unreleased)
Black the Ripper and Rudekid "R U Stupid?" (unreleased)
Bruza "Not 2 Nite" (unreleased)
Zomby "Bur5t" (unreleased)

Flying Lotus ft Lil Wayne "Robo-Tussin" (
Joker "Digi Design" (unreleased)
Dot Rotten ft Voltage "Rotten and Voltage" (from "RIP Youngdot" mixtape)
Gemmy "Supligen" (unreleased)
JME "Ps" (Boy Betta Know)
Zomby "Aquafre5h" (unreleased)
Jerzey "Taiko" (unreleased)

Skream "Hedd Banger" (forthcoming Tectonic)
Ekalon "7th Soul (Sully remix)" (unreleased)
XI "Prophet" (unreleased)
Pangea "Router" (forthcoming Hessle Audio)
Landslide "Dreams & Visions (instrumental)" (unreleased)
Dusk + Blackdown ft Farrah "Iqbal's Groove" ("Margins Music" on Keysound Recordings)
Sollabong "Up and Down" (unreleased)
LD & Cluekid "untitled" (dubplate)
Dusk + Blackdown ft Teji & Farrah "Kuri Pataka" ("Margins Music" on Keysound Recordings)
Forsaken ft Joker and Ben Blackmore "Last Saloon Swagger" (Soulmotive)
Forsaken "Do You Know" (unreleased)
Zomby "Tst Me For a Reason" (unreleased)

Corpse Notes

1. If I ever have paranoid schizophrenia, I hope the voices in my head are all cut up RNB singers like on Todd Edwards tunes. ''Kill!'' ''the'' ''baby''- ''Kill!'' ''that'' ''Baby!'' ''Nowawowawowawoah!'' I'd be chopping that toddler up with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. My favourite Todd tune is still that one that goes ''I want you day and night'' ''Uh!'' over and over again like a sex robot from A.I. handjobbing you to death, but the first two on here are crackers also.

2. For menacing halfstep step straight to Skream's new one on Tectonic (good enough to be an old one on Tectonic) and also Rude Kid's beat for Black The Ripper, which sounds more menacing than Black the Ripper himself, even though he himself sounds pretty menacing himself. Basically, it's like being started on in the pub by two scary blokes, one of whom is a bit shorter, gets right in your face with his twitching one and pokes you in the chest repeatedly, the other of whom is about seven feet tall, looks like he was fathered by a breeze block and doesn't say much at all. The beat looms, the MC attacks, and this is better news for your ears than the happiest of happy slaps.

3. Fly Lo makes Lil Wayne sound even more like a cough-syrup addled dwarf than usual by putting him in an enchanted forest of softly shining synths and squirrely crackles. The whole thing sounds like Lotus has let Weezy out of a two-foot high purple and green box to hop around on top of a log with a top hat and cane to entertain a trio of grassy-kneed children in britches. In fact a lot of these tunes have a got a bit of a child-like Sonic the Hedge-vibe to them which I'm feeling.

[P.S. All the hype around Lil Wayne must be effecting me - when I heard him do that ''Like a bitch with no ass you ain't got shit'' line my mind started orbiting around it like a surveillance satellite and I almost did a little wee because I realised that, in his accent, 'got' can translate as 'gotta' - which means that the punchline works on two levels.

Then I thought - a bitch with no ass still would have to shit, wouldn't she? But would it count as a shit if it just fell from her intestine as it dangled from her back? When is a shit not a shit? And so on...

I get the feeling that if Weezily did the old ''I'm sick like AIDS'' punchline I'd start wondering if he was referring as much to his own use of the metaphor as to the physical sickness of a terminal disease. That's internet hype.]

4. There's plenty of sickness elsewhere from producers I've like Pangaea (his mix for Electronic Explorations is great*, although I'm finding it a bit harder to take the deep stuff in large doses at the moment) and Sully. The Joker tune is alright too, though I'm feeling a bit like I might be coming down with flu or cancer or something because I don't want to listen to it again as soon as it's finished...

Z. Unlike ''Aqua5resh'' by Zomby, 58 odd minutes in (after the mildly annoying JME tune) which is definitely the most insane thing I've heard this year and also one of the best. Fuck knows how to describe it - if there was a bit in Super Mario where you took a ketamine and vodka power-up and then immediately afterwards had to fight an eyeless seaweed monster underwater with a strobe light going off in your face, then this would probably be the theme tune (@ Wire magazine - you dun know the email).

There's some of Coki's style in it, I reckon, but his influence is so violently shaken around that the stylistic tip liberates instead of restricting. Like Jakes' '3kout', (but more so) it's just too fucking deranged to stand comfortably in the dino-prints left by 'Haunted', 'Tortured' 'Spongebob' etc. You can spot the influences, but like a lot of the best tunes this sounds like nothing but itself. For its duration it takes you into a world that is uniquely its own- it's the sort of world you might get raped by a man with noses for fingers and a face made of flies in, ''but in a good way.''

Anyway, maybe I'm hyping it but to me it sticks out half a mile from a selection that is pretty much all great anyway. The other Zomby tunes are alright, but not AS alright.

* TL for that Pangaea show

(01) - Skream - Percression - [Forthcoming ‘Tectonic’]
(02) - F - Icon - [Forthcoming ‘7even Recordings’]
(03) - Niederflur - Typo - [Minus]
(04) - Micoland - Pitfall Ft. Holly Bretton - [DirtyLoad Records]
(05) - Forsaken feat. Joker & Ben Blackmore - Last Saloon Swagger - [Forthcoming ‘Soul Motive’]
(06) - Kowton - Drone13 - [Dubplate]
(07) - Kansas City Prophets -Tunneltone - [Dubplate]
(08 - Mike Lennon - Brass Eye (Reso Remix) - [Zaudio]
(09) - Martyn - Vancouver (2562s Puur Natuur mix) - [Forthcoming ‘3024′]
(10) - Ruckspin & Reso - Runway - [Forthcoming ‘Ranking Records’]

Pangaea (Hessle Audio) - Exclusive Mix ‘ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS’

01. Unknown - Unknown - [Unreleased]
02. White Mice - Youths Of Today - [Basic Replay]
03. Autechre - Parallel Suns - [Warp]
04. Joe - Grimelight [Unreleased]
05. Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip - [Unreleased]
06. Pangaea - Router - [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
07. Ramadanman - Blimey - [Hessle Audio]
08. Pinch - E.Motiv - [Planet Mu]
09. Burial - Forgive - [Hyperdub]
10. Rolan Vega - Surface Clense - [Community Library]
10. Delia Derbyshire - Blue Veils & Golden Sands - [BBC/Rephlex]
11. Disrupt - True Creators - [Werkdiscs]
12. Untold - Sweat - [Forthcoming 'Hotflush Recordings']
13. Spherix - In A Hole - [Unreleased]
14. Pangaea - Coiled - [Hessle Audio]
15. Pangaea - You & I - [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]

(11) - Anansi - Trickster’s Dub - [Forthcoming ‘Dubkraft’]
(12) - Various Production - Hater (Zomby Remix) - [Various Production]

[Got to big up Joe for 'Grimelight', some vintage dubstep deyaaa...]