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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Spam Chop - ''Decks N FX'' Mix

Spam is usually something to be avoided on the internet - that is, unless you have a one inch long penis and want to meet busted slags in your local area to fuck and then reluctantly comfort as they begin to sob uncontrollably into the bedsheets and show you their scars.

Not in this case though! Spam Chop (pictured above taking the fucking piss out of Semtex) is one of, if not THE, baddest DJ in Nottingham. He's playing at Outlook in Croatia in a few weeks time, and at the Pollen album launch in Nottingham (alongside Gravious, Forsaken, Brackles, Shortstuff and a whole bunch of other n'er do wells) on the 23rd*. He's also playing a load of other places, which is only right as he always absolutely duppies every dance he plays at (including Wigflex, which he co-runs) with a mixture of every genre that's more fun than electro house and psy-trance in the world.

Oh, and also he hosts a show with man-like-Geiom on Kemet Radio every Wednesday 12-2am, which can be listened to online, at that time of night, but at no other time.

I've already posted this mix up but the link died and now it's alive again so why not? To suggest another ''Why not?'', ''Why Not?'' forget about getting a bigger penis and knocking up local birth-marks in your area for today, download this Spam instead and just have a wank to it? That's what I do, often without even having the mix on! Leave feedback here.

Spam Chop Decks N FX Mix (Mega Upload Link)

1.Sampler Routine(various lock grooves and vinyls used)
2.Subversion, Mass Apathy
3.Matthew Jonson, Return of zombie bikers (midnight operator remix)
4.Early Bird, Galavant (wigflex)
5.Skream, 2d
6.Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, Rise
7.The Hizatron, Ulysees 55 (wigflex)
8.Rusko, ??
9.Geiom, Marathon Drums (looped,effects)
10.Marlin Spike, Bongo Rocker
11.Pinch, Lazarus
12.Metaphi, Anticipation (wigflex)
13.Rui Da Silva,Escaping My Mind (tolfrey & inxec mix)
14.Stefan Tretau, Reiner Modern
15.Metaphi,Half Hearted (wigflex)
16.Stefan Bodzin,Pendulum
17.AFX crying in your face & Bodzin (looped)
18.Early Bird,Absence makes the heart grow fonder (wigflex)
19.AppleBlim & Peverilist,Over Here
20.Clouds,Protecting Hands (geiom refix)
21.Thomas Schumacher ,Red Purple
22.Perc & Fractal,Up (perc mix)
23.Chaim, moon
24.Stefan Tretau,??
25.Bodzin & Romboy,Ariel
26.Metaphi,Half Moon (wigflex)
27.Digital Filth (remix)
30.Rekorder 0
32.Ellen Allien,Go
33.Matt Tolfrey & Craig Sylvester, Shakil
34.The Tuss,Goodbye Rute
35.Ricki Rucker HighHat Lock groove
36.Geiom, Auxology & Unessecery Stress (looped)
37.Thomas Schumacher. Kick School 79
38.Moonbeam,Spring Story
39.Ricardo Tobar,El Sunset
40.Citizen Kain,Doppelganger & El Sunset (looped)
41.The Hizatron,?:huh: (wigflex)
43.Butch, On the Line
44.Avus, Furry Hat
45.Peverelist,Erstwhile Rythm (forsaken Remix)
46.2562,Channel One
48.Various Productions,Suj Mix
49.Fairmont, Mobula
50.Rekorder 10.3
51.Bass Clef, Zamayatin vol1
52.DMZ,Blue Notez (looped)

2 decks,1 cdj, sampler/mixer and a kaos pad. All loops n FX are live.


* Pollen Myspace = this.