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Monday, 16 February 2009

Brackles Fact Magazine Mix

Still suffering from blogger's block (a condition which, in my particular case, could be likened to a serial killer suddenly losing the will to strangle people and eat their thigh muscles), I haven't really got anything to say except DOWNLOAD THIS MIX if you like good music and not Princess Superstar/molesting children. (P.S. If u read dis u r gay.)

Here are three ultra-excloose facts about Brackles that nobody in the media will ever get out of him:

  1. He is tall, though not so tall as to be able to hurdle a double decker bus without spraining his ankle.
  2. He doesn't wear top-hats, or at least hasn't worn one yet. He probably could be persuaded to, however, especially by a loaded gun being aimed at his genitals. We shall see come Friday.
  3. He breathes oxygen in order to survive, except when floating in deep space, where he swells to the size of a Peugot 206 and then explodes, scattering diffusely the particles that once were held together by quantuum forces to become the-one-like Brackles. At least in theory.

Special mention must go to the 'No Hype' RMX, composed under the metaphorical Bat of Tempaclese, which is wicked and such an offbeat combination that it manages to make getting dragged out of your car and beaten to within an inch of your life sound like a fun-but-frisky activity, like having your eyes gouged out by a clown.

Martin Kemp – No Charisma - dubplate
DJ Mystery – Speechless - mp3
Roska – Gone To A Better Place - Roska Kicks and Snares
Greena – Actual Pain - forthcoming ApplePips
Vincent J Alvis – Body Killin (M-Dubs Breakbeat Funk Vocal) - Babyshack
Mickey Pearce – Innami - dubplate
Brackles – Lizards - forthcoming Applepips
Agent X – Killahertz (Alias Remix) - Heatseeker
Big$hot – Stomp - White
Joker & Ginz - Purple City - unreleased
Zomby – Aquafresh - Hyperdub
Untold – Anaconda - unreleased
Youngstar – Bongo - DDX
Brackles – Getajob - forthcoming Applepips
Zomby – Strange Fruit - Ramp
Dexplicit ft. Gemma Fox - Might Be - More2dafloor
Brackles – LHC - dubplate
Menta - Sounds of the future - Sounds of the Future
2562 – Circulate - Tectonic
Brackles – Glazed - Berkane Sol
Tempz - Next Hype (Brackles Remix) – forthcoming No Hats No Hoods

ahemEdit: all these 'it's like being ___ in the ___ BY A CLOWN!'' comparisons are fucking shit I realise, but also easy to use for a cheap laugh - LIKE AN ILLEGAL PROSTITUTE CLOWN!

Let the LOLs echo through the valleys.