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Thursday, 12 February 2009

UK Funky spliced with Hardcore/Jungle

Big up to Redlock for these old skool sampling funky tunes and gremino and Ach! on dissensus for the heads up. Would love to hear more of this sort of thing, I think there's a definite (if latent) link between a lot of the harder funky and old skool (pitched percussion, harsh/metallic sounds, cavernous bass drops etc.).
I got a load of funky tunes in the post this month (along with two dubstep tunes that haven't fared very well in the replay stakes) and although the harder tunes are definitely saying a lot the biggest tune of all of them is still this one

Not only will I dance to this, I will also wash my hair and wrap it in a towel to this, and will start singing along with a pair of hair straighteners to this. I will go out on the town in high heels to this, drink a lot of white wine to this, and not let anybody spoil my fun cos I'm letting my hair down to this.