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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Peverelist @ Phonica 5th Birthday


1. Turbulence - Notorious

2. Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd RMX)

3. Gemmy - Bass Transmiter

4. Roni Size - Don't Hold Back (Joker RMX) Instrumental

5. Joker - Untitled.rsn

6. RSD - Over It

7. 2nd II None - Waterfalls (Peverelist RMX)

8. Peverelist - Dub

9. Peverelist - The Blues (or bluez)

10. STP aka. Shed - The Fall (Peverelist RMX)

11. Peverelist - Esperanto (dub)

12. Pinch - Midnight Oil

13. Peverelist - On & On

14. " - " " "

15. Shackleton - You Bring Me Down (peverelist remix) (~scape)

16. Peverelist - Infinity Is Now

17. 2562 - Dub

18. Mala - City Cycle

19. Henry & Louie - Rise Up (RSD RMX)

20. Martyn - Vancouver (2562 RMX)

21. 2562 - Kontrol

22. Pinch vs Peverelist - Revival (dub)

23. Pinch - Joyride (tectonic)

24. Guido - Orchestral Lab

This set is quite the tits, big up lemon78 for the upload. I listened to this set quite recently, lying in complete darkness while off my tits, and on my headphones it was a revelation. It distracted me so much that I forgot to be sick all over myself. For that alone, big up Peverelist.

A lot of basslines on this mix are really low, almost subliminal, anchored in the kick drum - sort of a jungle sounding 808 style bass but often pounding in a Miami Bass/techno sort of way. Pay special attention to ''The Bluez'' to catch some of this gulp-of-barry-white-bass; if you're listening on some proper speakers/headphones, you won't even need to be told that. This chest-pounding intensity in the kicks reminds me of Mala tunes like 'Bury the Boy', 'Neverland' and (the included) 'City Cycle'. It's a powerful, eyes-down and tribal sort of sound, inducing the same sort of mesmeric trance that techno can while remaining rhythmically dynamic and restless.

The synths on top (as in 'Midnight Oil' by Pinch) are altogether more icy and otherworldly than on Mala's warmer, more poignantly mournful tunes, I think.* I suppose these filtered saws/squares are the sort you find in a lot of Detroit techno, but also in some of the jungle/DNB that Pev says he is influenced by in THIS interview with Resident Advisor. Any excuse to post up one of the best DNB tunes ever made, eh?

''If you listen to a Krust or Die or Bill Riley record from the mid-90's—and they're some of my biggest influences—they're just long drum & bass grooves, or "rollers" as they came to be known. They just go on forever and mutate, and that's more where the Peverelist sound comes from rather than it being dubstep plus techno equals Peverelist.'' (RA interview)

This set has the magic 'trance out + spaz out' combination that a merging of techno and dubstep at its best should have IN MY OPINION (see: THIS post on Detmann/Shed et al from January). Of course, Pev himself probably just sees this apparent techno/dubstep fusion in his music as a continuation of the 'roller' aesthetic in jungle. And you can see the widsom in this (leaving aside the truth in it for a brief pseudo point) - keeping the rudeness and reggae soundsystem elements in dubstep and not abandoning the faith in meditational/hypnotic states, minimalism, subtlety etc. (also in resisting turning dubstep into a monolithic pound in the process of escaping from it becoming a monotonous kick-fill revved drop contest).

This was one of the keys to the power of pre-wobble dubstep - a stripped down and tough groove hooking you in, subtleties of rhythm/texture unfolding over the top of it. Somebody please get rid of the smoking ban so we can all start drooling against the speakers again with our hands in our pockets. Ketamine won't cut it, it makes you too interested in how everybody's staring at you, you just know they are. For now, stoned on headphones is the best that can be done for me.

blah blah blah... Annnyway all pontification aside it's a banging mix that will make you screwface a lot. So download it, you wasteposthuman.

* interestingly just remembered how Pev talks about 'taking the human qualities' out of his music in the RA interview. Could be a bit presumptuous of me to say so but I reckon Mala's approach could be quite the opposite!