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Sunday, 8 February 2009

More Boorman Slewage

there are seven other parts, starting with THIS one. I don't think the guy playing Boorman really nailed it, opting for the comedic type 'chortling, snivelling posh creep' over 'wide-eyed, insultingly (posh) ignorant (posh) creepy-cushion'.

As difficult as it is for even the most softened Christian to believe, there are apparently people who read this blog and they might be wondering why I've stopped complaining daily about obscurely buttercup tinkles in the multi-storey-car-park-stairwell of popular music over the last month. The answer is not ''he got a life'', but more along the lines of ''he got a computer virus from downloading hundreds of gigabytes of flash video porn without protection''. On the bright side I think this means that I can technically claim to have an STI. On the other bright side it means that I haven't been able to post a bunch of inane fucking bullshit on this here blog.

But to all those underwear models who have been accosting me in pubs recently in anxious states, informing me of how irreplacable my reviews of FWDs are, no matter how many obergines they can fit up there, I type this: I'll probably get my computer fixed soon and it'll be at least two months until its copper synpases are clogged up with cheerleader nipples and clitoris piercings.