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Friday, 20 February 2009

Hyping Nerd

For those fortunate people who don't spend all their time on internet forums/blogs (what the fuck are you doing here?!), click on THIS link to listen again to Benji B's 1xtra show from last night... >> to about 54 minutes in for the Hyperdub showcase. New Burial tunes, the new Cooly G, the new Kode tune (fucked!) etc. Needless to say, before listening to this you should put on that special pair of yellow pants and get the air freshener out.

Samiam – Return (Hyperdub)
Kode9 – Black Sun (Hyperdub)
Cooly G – Love Dub (Refix) (Hyperdub)
Iconica – Sahara Micheal (Hyperdub)
2000F & JKamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Hyperdub)
Dark Star – Digital (Hyperdub)
Burial – Untitled (Hyperdub)
LV – Take Away (Hyperdub)
Burial – Untitled (Hyperdub)
Kode9 – Too Far Gone (Hyperdub)
Terror Danjah – Sonar
Lemon D – Manhattan Melody

I've only listened up to Dark Star so far but I'm already finding it hard to breathe through my knuckles.

The subtext of all the interesting discussions going on here is 'who is going to win the 'Most near-obnoxiously laid-back voice' battle between Benji 'yeah mannnn' B and Kode 'out to the lazy wino' 9?' Lets be honest, tho, if Trevor Nelson had ramped up it would have been all over - he'd have showered down with verbal coffee from his filter-tongue and everyone would have got scolded (gently). Regardless of style, Kode slews as always with content - the 'freak magnet' label, the 'cameo sandwich' etc. Quotables for days and the labels not bad either. Somebody get Kode back on Rinse ASAP.

NB: Everybody should get their 5 pounds ready now to donate to Bangledesh/Thailand/Cornwall when the genital juices of a million geeks are released simultaneously upon hearing the new Burial tunes (not to mention the gaseous tears of London and the geriatric dribble of the Hardcore Continuum) and the sea level on earth rises by 5 feet. I am personally preparing 'Action Packs' for this event which will teach people how to construct adequately wistful metaphors 'distant footfalls in the puddle-pitted subway' and 'the voice of a thousand ravers walking through the darkness, searching for a couple of vapo-rubs to rub together' in response to the new tunes. I also suggest that everybody on the 'blogosphere' (and indeed on the 'realisphere' starts pitching titles for these tunes... it'll be sort of like the walkers crisps contest, only with more teary eyed wanks outside the Stratford Rex. (Anyone else disappointed by these Burial tunes?)