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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lissen Again Again

This is Marcus Nasty, who used to run up on stage with two shanks and stuff like that, but now DJs Funky House and so probably now uses shanks mainly to skewer open the corks of wine bottles and to surreptitiously lift the skirts of the sexy ladies that he finds himself surrounded by in a dance.

Funky is the latest thing that I like because Kode 9 likes it. You might remember my post about Rustie and Hud Mo. Know why I suddenly decided to like them? You guessed it. Basically, the way that taste forms in my head is as follows: Kode 9 walks into a record shop in East Timor, Kode 9 picks up obscure 7" by psychedelic gambian jazz outfit Q"1+<<, Kode 9 plays Q"1+<< on Rinse FM, Corpsey buys Q"1+<< t-shirt and back catalogue, blogs about them as if he's breaking the news to the world and gets Q"1+<< tattooed above his arse crack in order to attract discerning birdles.

Kode recently appeared on DJ Rupture's WMFU Mudd Up show, and played a set of funky. It's worth listening to the interview afterwards as well, in which he reveals that Burial is Marcus Nasty and talks about the Ballardian tropes operating in a typical Hed Kandi night. On a serious note, he speaks the truth about everything as per bloody usual.

T/L is as follows

1.Rhythm & Sound ft. Jennifer Lara - Queen in my Empire
2.Kudu - Space
3.Geeneus - Yellowtail
4.Apple - Segalizer
5.Mentor Roska - Feeline VIP
6.Frankee Solar - Unknown
7.Mentor Roska - Pyramids
8.Fuzzy Logic - Twiss

Heavy stuff, but this Marcus Nasty set off 1xtra is even better. Grab it quickly before the sun disappears and we're all compelled by Seasonal Affective Disorder to listen to miserable half-step again (not to knock miserable half-step, some of which is still disgustipating).

Skepta / Wiley / Donao – Rolex Sweep (Special)
Seasons – Little Silver
Frontline – Eye Blue / Princess
Sirens – Hard House Banton
Reign – Hard House Banton
Bongo Jam – Crazy Cousins
The Way We Get Down – Vibe
Jungle Boy – Intramental
Tell Me – DJ NG (Genius Remix)
Marcus Special – Lightning Exclusive
Would You Mind – Kyla Ft Crazy Cousins
Quick Time – DJ Naughty (VIP Mix)
Piece Of Heaven – Beat Players Ft Lara McClarren
Stomper – Seany B
Gimme That 08 Remix – Mario Productions
Mr Seduction – Seany B
Brazillia – Baby Face J
Post Room Remix – Little Silver (Marcus Nasty Special)
Sheaneka – JP2
General remix – Malice
Liberty – Scotty D
Live Wire – Norris Da Boss
Bad Habits – Marc Ambience
The Music – Hard House Banton
In The Air – Perempae
Yellow Yail – Genius
Mario – Mario Productions
Terminator – JME
Funky Flex – Little Silver
Take Over – VIP Mix (Invasion Recordings)
Devil In A Blue Dress – Doneo
African Warrior – Doneo
Believe In Love – Rosca
Climate Change – Rosca
Speechless – Mystery
Flawless – Malice
Blanka – JME
Bad Habit – Malice
Make You Move – Seany B
Topper 5 Remix – Swif Joy
Im Right Here – MA1 Naughty Remix
Visions – Malice
Mind Body And Soul – TNT
Rock 2 The Beats – Kurupt Rec
Girl Like Me – Naughty Ft Addictive
Rising Sun – Invasion Rec
Level – Fuzzy Logic
Mr Bean Remix – Sypro
Take It The Top – Misa Mix ft Nia
Take It Low – Lev
High – Doneo
Things Have Changed – Mattalic

On the slightly less exciting but much better produced side of things, I've been listening to some deep house too. If you go to this thread on DSF you can leave feedback about this deep house mix by Seattle based Struggle. It's definitely better than a kick in the anus, though not quite as good as something else, such as a mayonnaise slathered index finger, in the anus.

patrice scott-deep again-sistrum
patrice scott-raw fusion-sistrum
cassy-for you-uzuri
san soda-unknown-wph
patrice scott-atmospheric emotions-sistrum
slowhouse 1-unknown-slowhouse recordings
baaz-no matter-elevate
slowhouse 3-unknown-slowhouse recordings
nick sole-children-mojuba
keith worthy-beatthebeatup-aesthetic audio
man made science-get your head up-philpot
keith worthy-deep for days-sistrum

Finally, I've been listening to some of Benjie B's 1xtra shows in the last week. His latest show has a dubstep 2562y sort of tune on it by Marcus Intalex which is one of the best things a DNB producer has done in the style that I've heard. It's probably something to do with the fact that he hasn't just fed the sound of a baby screaming for its mother's tit through an LFO and added a snare underneath it. Well done, that man.

Records I should have bought this week but for being completely skint include: Rude Kid's EP, the Kode 9 RMX of Reminscin' with the original on the flip, and Joker's Hollybrook Park, which I see is now sold out. Oh well, that Dizzee and Calvin Harris tune is still available.

Happy days.