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Friday, 12 September 2008


1. Black Moon - Who Got The Props

I can't wait for all this early 90s NY rap to come back into fashion - for a start I won't have to pretend I'm really into Project Pat and Soulja Boy because they're really 'unconsciously avant-garde' and/or 'just a bit of fun' etc. and can be into stuff like this and The Beatnuts instead. Secondly, as soon as North Face jackets, Timbaland boots and drizzle come back into Hip-Hop vogue, we'll be able to start renting out parts of London, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle to Hype Williams and the credit crunch will be history.

2. New Dusk + Blackdown on Rinse FM

Right click and save > HERE

Nu-Birth "Any Time (Tuff & Jam's Kick Dub)" (Locked On)
A Baffled Republic "Bad Boys (Move in Silence) (Blouse N' Skirt mix)" (Catch Records)
X-Presidents "Diamond Rings" (Urban Hero)
Horsepower "Golden Nugget" (Tempa)

Scuba "Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)" (Scuba)
Geeneus ft Riko, Wiley and Breeze "Knife and Gun" (unreleased)
Geeneus ft Riko, Wiley and Breeze "Knife and Gun (Blackdown remix)" (dubplate)
Joker and Rustie "Play Doe" (unreleased)
Starkey "Dark Alley" (unreleased)
Sway and Terror Danjah "Music & I" (unreleased)
Ikonika "Direct" (unreleased Hyperdub)

Drumz of Death "Got Your Thang (Starkey remix)" (unreleased)
Zomby "Parrot Stew" (unhinged)
Guido "Chakra Overload Batty" (unreleased)
Wretch 32 ft Ghetto and Badness "Ina De Ghetto" (unreleased)
Joker "Tempered" (unreleased)
**Message is Love video audio clip**
Silverlink ft Jammer and Badness "The Message is Love" (unreleased No Hats No Hoods)

Darkstar "Aidy's Girl Got a Computer" (unreleased Hyperdub)
Solar Constant "Selfish 1" (unreleased)
MRK1 "Revolution 909" (unreleased)
Peverelist "Clunk Click Every Trip" (unreleased)
DOM "Below and Beneath remix" (unreleased)
El-Rakkas "Mass Erectile Disfunction" (unreleased)

Distance "Out of Mind" (unreleased)
Zed Bias "Cosmic Mindfield" (unreleased)
Cluekid "Monkey Style" (unreleased)
Brackles "Glazed" (unreleased)
Kowton "Countryman" (unreleased)
Peverelist "Esperanto" (unreleased)

I'm not going to go off on one like I did last time, although I should because there's just as much if not more to go off on about here than there was last time. I've got the flu though, so words aren't forthcoming - only snot. If I was to articulate how I feel about tunes like Jamie Vex'd's RMX of Scuba or Joker's 'Tempered' or 'Dark Alley' by Starkey (why is that spasticated synth riff not annoying in this tune? Maybe because it isn't as robotic and rigid as the grins at a filming of The Sunday Night Project...) then perhaps a handful of nostril-sick might be the best image to use, but then you might get the wrong idea, and I'd hate that.

Special mention must go to 'The Message Is Love' though - at first when I heard it I hated it because I thought it was an 3560bpm novelty dancehall tune with a riff straight out of the Crazy Frog school of mindless refrains and Badness doing a Barry White impersonation. Now I love it because its an 250bpm novelty dancehall tune with a riff straight out of the Crazy Frog school of mindless refrains and Badness doing a Barry White impersonation. NUTS.

In case you haven't seen this yet, you should see this now:

Since winter has already fucking arrived it might be time to warm your cockles with the thought that ultimately you and Jammer emerged from the same single-cell lifeforms and therefore at least one part of you isn't a complete waste of space spending their time reading a shitty blog written by a wanker.

The Message Is Love is coming out on No Hats No Hoods, and is so summery that it will probably be perfect to play between the months of July and July next year.

3. Mac 10 B2B Marcus Nasty on Rinse FM

I read about this in Martin Clark's latest Pitchfork column and subsequently was given a link to the set on DSF by Datura via Faustus. Now, through the wonders of the internet, the 0.0002 people that read this blog who a) don't read Pitchfork b) don't read DSF c) like Funky have at last got the oppurtunity, via me, to, via me, download this set.

This stuff is getting seriously heavy, though. I also like the way the MC constantly says ''It's not boring.'' This is the kind of thing I constantly say when I persuade my mates to watch a three hour long black and white film about AIDS instead of Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies 2. Except this guy's telling the truth.

4. Hyperdub Showcase on MAH

HERE'S the link. Highlight for me is Samiyam....

01 The Alliance - Gangsta from DJ Kenny's Gangsta Mix 2K8
02 Pangaea - Router (Hessle Audio Dub)

03 Scorcher, Wiley & J2K - I Know (Dubplate)

04 Kutz & Benga - il Kut Ya (Dubplate)
05 Paul White - We Want It All (One Handed Music)

06 LD - Oh Yeah

07 Untold - Discipline (Hemlock dubplate)

Hyperdub Label Showcase:
Mixed By the Artists, Hosted By Spaceape, Sequenced By Kode 9

08 Darkstar Hyperdub Intro
09 Darkstar – Annexe
10 Starkey – Miracles (Darkstar Remix)
11 Darkstar – Squeeze My Lime
12 Darkstar – Digital (Hyperdub Edit)
13 Quarta 330 Vs DJ Mehdi – Lucky Sunset Dub
14 Darkstar – Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
15 Darkstar – Need You VIP
16 Darkstar – Memory Bank

17 Samiyam – Scuba Gear
18 Samiyam – Taco Chaser
19 Samiyam – Horse Hair
20 Samiyam – Snake Cola (Rap Beats Vol.1)
21 Samiyam – Pressure
22 Samiyam – Pete's Birthday Extravaganza
23 Samiyam - Crystal Lake
24 Samiyam – Cloud Level
25 Samiyam – Oil Slick
26 Samiyam – Already

27 Zomby – Nothing
28 Zomby – Aquafre5h
29 Zomby – Kaliko
30 Zomby – Test Me For A Reason
31 Zomby – Spaceman
32 Zomby – Gloop
33 Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)
34 Zomby – Strange Fruit

35 Burning Spear – The Invasion (LV Dub)
36 LV & Errol Bellot – Don't Judge
37 LV – Oily Dub
38 LV – Face of God (Instrumental)
39 LV – Takeover (Dub)
40 LV & Dandelion – CCTV
41 LV – Twice
42 LV – Hasty
43 LV – Dream Cargo (LV remix)

44 Ikonikaplease *Tease*
45 Ikonika – Millie
46 Ikonika – Girls
47 Ikonika – Smuck
48 Ikonika – Loser
49 Ikonika – Red Marker Pens
50 Ikonika – Direct
51 Ikonika & Optimum – Space Rock

Quarta 330
52 Cardopusher – Homeless (Quarta330 Remix)
53 Quarta 330 – Asutata50
54 Quarta 330 – Underwater
55 Quarta 330 – Sabacco
56 Quarta 330 – Sunset Dub

57 Mike Slott - Knock Knock (Dubplate)
58 Gas Lamp Killer - Show Stopper (Dubplate)
59 Starkey - Striking Distance from the LP Ephemiral Exhibits (Planet Mu)

60 The Village Orchestra - Dots And Dashes (Dubplate)

61 Yo Majesty - Club Action (Dubplate)

62 Clouds - Spat (Dubplate)

63 Shackleton - The Branch Is Weak Geiom mix (Skull Disco Dubplate)