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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Instra:mental Live In Belgium

First ting's first, massive congratulations to Princess Diana for winning Big Brother 2008! You would have thought it would be hard for a corpse to be more charismatic than a living person but that was before reality TV pulled back the curtain on the Great British Public. I suppose she's still living off that Paris crash in terms of popularity too... next year I'm going to dig up Heath Ledger and enter him- there's no way he won't win! The Sun have also offered 50 grand to the first person to have a necrophiliac fuck on national TV, and I really want an XBOX360.

Speaking of necrophiliac fucks, did anyone see Amy Winehouse at Bestival? I saw it on TV and I almost had a heart erection, but then the image reached the back of my retinas and went septic in my brain. A long and HIGHLARIOUS review of Bestival 2008 may follow, or might not, depending on how completely apathetic I feel later on today and for the rest of the year.

Anyway, here's a set by Instra:mental which is pretty good in places. The MC is on some sort of ''we've got the energy, boredom is our enemy...'' SP style flow but if you concentrate hard on your fingers while listening to it he just sort of fades into the background, like the radiation from the big bang.

01 - Instra:mental - Rogue [DARKESTRA]
02 - Alix Perez & Lynx - Allegiance [SOUL:R]
03 - Icicle - Nowhere [?]
04 - Calibre - Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
05 - ?? Instra:mental ?? [?]
06 - D Bridge - On Your Mind [SOUL:R]
07 - Commix - Justified [METALHEADZ]
08 - Noisia - Strange Owl Experiment [METALHEADZ]
09 - Calibre - Beat Goes On [SIGNATURE]
10 - Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
11 - ST Files - Cold Front [SOUL:R]
12 - Commix - Underwater Scene [DAT MUSIC]
13 - ?? [?]
14 - Commix - Rack It [HOSPITAL]
15 - Commix - Life We Live [DAT MUSIC]
16 - Insight - Lo Ryder [?]
17 - D Bridge - On My Mind [EXIT]
18 - D Bridge - Morning Dawn [EXIT]
19 - D Bridge - Wonder Why [NONPLUS+]