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Monday, 24 November 2008


First up, Pinch has done a mix to celebrate the first birthday of Rob Booth's humonghuge Electronic Explorations series. Loads of Pinch dubplates. Need I type more? I could do, but I'd probably end up writing the words 'dystopian post-humanoid neuro-sonic-architectautologlogical cerebrashards' or something, which would be unfair.

Right click and save HERE for the mix. For more info go to the EE website, linked just ^ up there.

[01] - DZ - Just Rollin (Akira Kiteshi Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Black Acre’]
[02] - Jus Wan - Affletic - [Forthcoming ‘Applepips’]
[03] - Planas - Zulu - [Forthcoming ‘Ranking Records’]
[04] - Reso - If Ya Can’t Beat Em - [Forthcoming ‘Civil Music’]
[05] - Ben Sharpa - Hegemony - [Jarring Effects]
[06] - 16bit - In The Death Car - [Forthcoming ‘Boka Records’]
[07] - Enormous O’clock - Disparity - [Ai Records]
[08] - Millie & Andrea - Black Hammer - [Daphne]
[09] - Gunjack - Bruckshut’s Revenge - [Unsigned]
[10] - Kid606 - Die Soundboy Die - [Tigerbeat6]
[11] - Indigo - Ignite - [Forthcoming ‘Surface Tension Recordings’]
[12] - HxdB - Sedation Nation - [Forthcoming ‘Surface Tension Recordings’]

Pinch (Owner of ‘Tectonic Records’) In The Mix — EE.ORG 1st Anniversary Mix

01 - Pinch & Pavel Ambiont - Poison Antedote - [Dubplate]
02 - Pinch - E.Motive - [Planet Mu]
03 - Pinch - Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders - [Dubplate]
04 - 30Hz - Mutate(d) (Pinch Rework) - [Lot 49]
05 - Pinch - Chamber Dub - [Soul Jazz]
06 - Deleted Scenes - Terminate - [Dubplate]
07 - Pinch - Midnight Oil - [Tectonic]
08 - Peverelist - The Blues - [Dubplate]
09 - Pinch & Peverelist - Revival - [Dubplate]
10 - Distance - V (Pinch Remix) - [Dubplate]
11 - Pinch - Joyride - [Tectonic]

[13] - Mount Kimbie - Maybes - [Forthcoming ‘Hotflush Recordings’]
[14] - Octa Push - Ai Nadia - [Dub]

Second up, the illustrious DJ Zinc is apparently DJing fidget house nowadays instead of DNB, and THIS mix showcases some of the stuff he now plays. I haven't got a tracklist and I haven't a clue what it might be, since I know fuck all about fidget house. I've always found this kind of music a bit too maniacally upbeat and self-consciously 'banging', but what with recently getting a bit sick of 'deep' music which seems to make up for in tastefulness what it lacks in energy, I'm actually finding this sort of inflatable mallet music quite refreshing.

Lastly (Subliminal Download This Hard House Banton Mix Message To Be Placed Here and Whited Out Later), on Sub FM the other night Hessle Honcho Ben UFO and Night Slugs uhhh Nice-Up Sultan Alex Bok Bok went back to back and played 2 hours of pretty much everything good (funky, niche, grime, garage, dubstep etc.) I posted up their previous b2b on here a while ago but I think this one is even better. Click HERE for the mix.

1. Theo Parrish - Took Me All The Way Back
2. Luciano - Mousa Big Band
3. The Martinez Brothers - My Rendition
4. Roska - Feline
5. Zander VT - Get Up
6. Rod Lee - Let Me See
7. DJ Mystery - Changes
8. L-Vis 1990 - Flux
9. Marcel Dettman - Shatter Proof
10. D Malice - My Joy
11. Christian Martin - Elephant Fight
12. X5 Dubs - I Wish
13. Radioslave - Tantakatan [Shed mix]
14. DJ Tameil - Body
15. Hard House Banton - Sirens
16. Lighter - Skanker
17. Sticky and Viper - I'm On The Mic
18. Artwork - Basic G
19. Lil Silva - Funky Flex
20. Roska - Our Father
21. James Lavonz - Feel My Dreams
22. Leee John - Mind, Body and Soul [MJ Cole mix]
23. Tubby - Slush
24. Bigshot - Stomp VIP
25. Rustie - Tempered
26. Trim and Scratch - Trim and Scratch
27. Scratchy - Shangooli (Geeneus remix)
28. Tasty Grits Production - Chase Rhythm
29. Distance - Repercussions
30. Milanese - The End [Untold remix]
31. Drop The Lime - Hear Me [Buraka Som Sistema remix]
32. D Malice - Gabryelle refix
33. Skream - The Bug
34. Silkie and Harry Craze - Favela
35. Rebound X - Mystery
36. Wizzbit - Emerald City
37. D1 - BG
38. Pearson Sound - Ex
39. D.O.K. - Royal Flush
40. Pantha - Damn Thing
41. TRG - Broken Heart [Martyn remix]
42. TRC vs Addictive - Right There
43. Silverlink feat. Jammer and Badness - The Message Is Love [Starkey remix]
44. J-Sweet - Gutter (Alias Remix)
45. Scuba - Tense
46. Octa Push - Ai Naida
47. Brackles - Lizards

# chin - check follows #

Eclecticism can seem tokenistic and shallow (''look at me, I'm playing Night AND Hearbroken!''), but when DJs with real knowledge and love for the music they play do it it can have a completely different effect on the listener: instead of being comfortably reminded of the greatest hits from different genres, you're encouraged instead to make connections between pieces of music you might never have linked, and to see familiar tunes in a different light. So, for example, a 'deeper' dubstep tune, when mixed into a grime or funky or house tune, almost becomes a different tune to that which it is in a set entirely consisting of deep dubstep.

Anyway, it isn't as if this set was an intellectual excercise or nuffin' - it was as 'banging', in its own way, as the most bait crammed Scratch Poiverts set (who to be fair are pretty fucking good at that kind of set). If anything, a set like this seems to discourage the usual genre'n'scene related chin-stroking by taking tunes partially out of their convention/anti-convention ridden scenes and encouraging the listener to see them as individual pieces of music (though ironically often also reminding you, in the process, of what you really love about certain genres).

I notice now that there's a definite theme going on in this post which I never intended to give to it... but this is what I've been thinking about recently, in an effort to distract myself from the global financial crisis, the crisp darkness that flickers at the core of every human soul and from not having enough money to buy the D Malice EP.

P.P.S.: here's something good by Masters at Work.