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Friday, 7 November 2008

Muso Stuff vol 321


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Go HERE to listen to Jamie Vex'd's lurching monster of a Scuba RMX immediately. This is such old news that its coming out soon, but if you don't know now you know. The other tunes on there are big too.

Click HERE for the last hour and 25 mins of Marcus Nasty's latest Rinse show (big up fokse vektaire xeven off Dissensus for the rip... sorry if I've misspelled your name on three hundred seperate occasions in that one attempt). By now you should know that every Marcus set you can get your hands on is a good Marcus set you can get your hands on. I was gutted to miss Marcus apparently repeatedly underlining what his DJ name is to a FWD crowd last Sunday.

Funky is definitely the best thing around at the moment that you can't butter and then put scrambled eggs and cheese on. I'm making some funky tunes myself now on Reason, so expect never to hear them unless you steal the girl of my day-dreams and I end up torturing you to death with a straight razor and appropriate soundtrack.

In Dubstep ''NEWS''

Look below for the lineup for what is sure to be one of the best FWD's of the year, in what has been an increasingly good year for the night. D1's forthcoming EP on Tempa is the tits, especially Oingy Boingy. I've really slept on D1 over the years, I promise I will do better next time though.

I went to the Leeds 237 thing last weekend where Appleblim/Distance/RSD/T++/Pole etc. were playing. I wanted to write a big pretentious thing here about the fusion of techno/dubstep and inner/outer space and ketamine vs. javascript, who will survive? but to be honest I was sabotaged by Dragon Stout and I can't remember anything wot happened really. I'm pretty sure RSD smashed it, tho...

Notably, I was reminded that although 'deep' dubstep and techno are usually seen as very po-faced nerdy forms of music for looking pompous too, actually most of the time even the most reverb-drenched tunes are being made to make people who have drunk a lot of cider dance around like twats. We're all out to dance like twats, we just come at it from different angles.

Oh, and that Luke Envoy 'So' tune is coming out soon on Tempa's All Stars Vol. 5, which is pretty much all round solid.