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Monday, 17 November 2008

Bizmarc Gorillacopter Mix

[Original photo removed due to copywrite violation. I can confirm that the above is a photo that belongs to me. Just don't ask me how. Hopefully I can get the other picture back somehow, because that one resembles my dreams more than my nightmares.]

People in gorilla suits are funny, no matter what they're doing. You could probably get a laugh punching a child in the face if you did it in a gorilla suit. This holds true even if the child was the one in the gorilla suit, or if you both were in gorilla suits. It's ''random'', innit, seeing a Gorilla punching a child? A bit like it was ''random'' seeing those planes fly into those tower blocks a while ago. Would that still have been tragic, though, if the emergency services had arrived at the site dressed as monkeys, and plastered wounds up with banana skin? And what about if the Hindenburg had made a noise like a big fart when it was descending, aflame, into the stone-eyed ground? Would we have wept if New Orleans had been flooded with custard? EH?

Right, that counts as an intro. This is a mix by Bizmarc of Futureproof, which throws together techno, house and funky. At the start you'll be stroking your chin but by the time 'Sirens' barges its way in you'll be stroking your goolies. Track 10, 11 and 12 I've never heard before and they are all big. Funky and techno are an odd mix - they seem to have different priorities in terms of energy vs. sophistication - but they definitely work together in this mix. Download it ( HERE ).

[ Go HERE to leave feedback cos I can't make comments work on here. Bizmarc/Futureproof/Corpsey would like to disassociate themselves from any offensive remarks made in connection to this mix about two paragraphs ago.]

1. Voltaic – Breed (Point.One)
2. Voltaic - Fin [Letroset's Remix] (Point.One)
3. Petter – Untight (Border Community)
4. Jeff Samuel – Fire (Poker Flat)
5. Hard House Banton – Siren (Spoilt Rotten Entertainment)
6. Dusty Kid – Psika (Boxer Recordings)
7. DJ Mujava – Township Funk (This Is Music)
8. Roska – Elevated Level (White)
9. Apple – Siegalizer (White)
10. Bakongo – Baga (Roska Kicks & Snares)
11. Misc. - Chemosphere [Headhunter Remix] (Lost Souls)
12. Andy Stott – Hostile (Modern Love)
13. Hard House Banton – Reign (Spoilt Rotten Entertainment)
14. Zander VT – After the Crash (BPitch Control)
15. Appleblim & Peverelist - Over Here [Brendon Moeller Remix] (Applepips)
16. DJ NG Feat. Katy B & MC Versatile - Tell Me [Geeneus Remix] (Data)
17. Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit (Dirtybird)
18. Pendle Coven – Brick Tutor (Modern Love)

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