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Friday, 7 November 2008

Pets That Look Like Their Owners Vol. 1

No wonder he's smiling! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the pound when he found this happy little fella! He musta been like - ''OH MY GOD, JINX!!!'' ROFL!!!

A lot of people slag off rappers for being immoral and lacking in compassion, but at least Master P doesn't keep HIS dog in a fucking handbag like Paris Hilton! He even gave the little terrier a pair of shades to protect his widdle eyeses! Awwww!

Seriously, though, it does look a lot like him.

Jesus! Even if you took away the novelty shorts and shoulder pads this would still be like looking at a pair of identical twins!

[N.B: Don't call the RSPCA just yet! It's important when you have a pet cat to teach it as early as possible that weeing on the carpet is WRONG, no matter how identical in appearance it is to you.]


I can't really think what the fuck a rabbit is going to be able to say into a microphone. Maybe it's a ventriloquist jig - the owner says something like ''I wih eh'd gih meh a bih meh fuhin LEHUH!'' and everyone starts pissing themselves. Although really, the fact that he looks exactly the same as his rabbit should be enough.

You can see what the wheeze is! That stick insect looks EXACTLY like him. It's like looking at a mirror-image version of you that eats leaves or something! Spooky!

Where the fuck did she find a cat that tall?!?!