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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Move D House Mixes

I don't know nuffing about House, but I knows what I likes. ^ That's David Moufang a.k.a. Move D (by the way, out to Myspace for that fucking stupid Natty Whateveritis advert... I'm making a point of never finding out who he is). As far as I can be bothered to tell he's a producer, one half of Deep Space Network, who I probably should have heard of, not to mention heard. Anyhoo, he's also a DJ and I'm quite feeling his mixes (shout to Ben for the link).

If anyone knows what sorts of tunes he's playing give me some IDs so I can start spending money I don't have on records I don't have. Soulful laid back house for 40 year olds, basically.