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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

D-Bridge + Instra:Mental On 1xtra

Further to my slight bum-licking of D-Bridge and Instra:mental yesterday, I'd like to indulge in some more. It's only just occuring to me how fucking great Blush Response is, which makes me officially about two thousand months late but...

My main gripe with DNB at the moment is that it's too fast and rhythmically conservative, so it's nice to have a couple of producers pop up on my hard-drive/record-deck to show that there's still room for rhythmic variation as well as some good old fasioned vibes.


D Bridge & Instra:mental - Blush response (Exit)
Commix – Rack it (Dub)
System - Near Miss
Calibre – New Cons
Spectra soul - Adoration VIP
Calibre – TV On (Signature)
D Bridge – Creatures of Habit
ST Files – Council House
Loxy & Ink – Amazon
D Bridge – Morning Dawn
Survival – Orion

Instra:Mental Mix
Rogue - Instra:Mental - Darkestral
Comanche - Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Horse- Instra:Mental and Nico - Exit
Dead Zone - Instra:Mental- (Outboard Dub)
Intervention - Instra:Mental – Exit
Pacific Heights - Instra:Mental -Darkestral
Sakura - Instra:Mental - Darkestral
Commix - Japanese Electronics - Instramental Moog Mix - Metalheadz
Futurist - Instra:Mental – Naked Lunch

Instra:Mental - Naked Zoo (Soul:R)
Break & Survival – Dawn
Chris Inperspective – Heathers Hot Waffles –
D Bridge – On My Mind (Exit)
Commix – Untitled
Calibre – Sockitume
D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa
D Bridge – On Your Mind (Soul:r)
Lenzman – Memory Loss
D Bridge – Untitled (Instra:mental)
D Bridge – The Yearning

Got the link to this from THIS blog.