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Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Can't Stop Talking Like D Double E To My Mummmmmm

Nobody really cares about Dizzee Rascal anymore, do they? Ever since he became a T4 presenter he lost some of his credibility. Now that Skepta's presenting Later with Jools Holland and Wiley's a pundit on Match of the Day Diz is looking like the small fry Red Hot Entertainment have on their chi... ps.

Still- I've decided to upload Dizzee over Slimzee as it's NUTS. If nothing else, it shows that some people can make better tunes on a Playstation than other people can make with Logic 7.423recurring and monitors worth several grand. I hope Slimzee gets booked at FWD again soon.

By the way Dizzee's still got it -

That beat is fiyah(man). Lil Wayne is good, on that subject this tune is making me happy like Richboy used to