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Friday, 18 July 2008

Just one more hour then we're definitely leaving

This here's Bizmarc about to play Dutch Flowers at a mansion/squat party in Nottingham ages ago - why it it that at a squat party you'll always see a guy with a spot up his nose who lives in a speaker and eats potatoes that he squeezes out of tree trunks with his bare hands, and a pissed up maniac in a thrash metal t-shirt going apeshit to A Higher State of Consciousness because he's been hearing those high pitched noises in his head for the last five years ever since he went to the front for Dominocidal and got crushed up against the speaker for fifty minutes, and so really relates to that one tune, and yet you never see them anywhere else? I have no idea but I'm glad. Stillhol, I've been a bearded ketamine casualty at at least one afterparty and the looks people gave me were of both disgust and relief - disgust at the state of me, relief at the state of them. In one sense that night I was like the Jesus Christ of consumption for them: taking it on the chin for all moderate humanity. Also there was the beard and the questionable personal hygeine. So three senses really. And anyway, being over-fucked at an afterparty makes you officially indispensible to it's vibe. If you're lying on the floor with your eyes rolling back in your head and vomit smeared across your chin, you are basically as important as the sound system.

''RAGE AGAINST THE dying of the night...''

Anyway, Bizmarc has done a MIX* for the night he co-runs in Nottingham, Futureproof. Futureproof is alot. My fondest memory of it is either Brackles and Mart playing We Can Get Down right at the end of the last one, or of me being violently sick into a plastic bag at the bottom of a stairwell. In all seriousness though the night is one of the best in the UK in my unbiased and impartial opinion, and this mix is heavy too.

1. Pinch – E.Motiv (Planet Mu)
2. 2562 – Walkover (Tectonic)
3. Pole – Achterbahn [Shackleton Remix] (~Scape)
4. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Punch Drunk)
5. Pinch – Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz)
6. Geiom & Appleblim – Shreds (cdr)
7. Shut Up and Dance – Epileptic [Martyn’s No Strobe Mix] (SUAD)
8. 2562 – Movern (Tectonic)
9. Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
10. Monolake – Static (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
11. T++ - Allied (White)
12. Ramadanman – Blimey (Hessle Audio)
13. 2562 – Enforcers (Tectonic)
14. Digital Mystikz – Neverland (DMZ)
15. Convextion – Solum Ferrum (Down Low Music)
16. Zomby – Strange Fruit (Ramp)
17. Zomby – Spliff Dub [Rustie Remix] (Hyperdub)
18. Rustie – Response (Stuffrecords)
19. Darkstar – Thugged Out 9 (cdr)

That 'Strange Fruit' tune... I used to think I wouldn't let Zomby sleep with my mum but after hearing that I'd perfume her cooch up with Calvin Klein obsession slathered over the tip of my tongue for him. Actually no - but it's sick.

* mix originally posted HERE.