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Monday, 7 July 2008

Silkie and Conquest

DMZ on Saturday was great, extensive(ly pretentious) review to follow. For now though, the highlight of the night for me and anyone else as drunk and lean and enthusiastic as me was Silkie and Quest's. Anti-Social, like a six year old given an egg painted to look like a Brussell Sprout, always smash it.

If you haven't seen them play out before (Heny G is a what-his-nick-sur-name-is on deckle as well), you are a loser, I'm afraid. Please find enclosed your Scouting For Girls CD.

Or download THIS, Silkie and Quest on Rinse. Not only for the tunes but also the chat- anyone who passes up chips for hosting a show on Rinse is more dedicated than one of those monks who shoot themselves in the ankles with pump action shotguns while doing the Guardian crossword just to show that they aren't bothered.